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When The Risk Is High (Or You're Clumsy)

The KOALA Keeps Your Phone Safe

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KOALA 2.0 coming soon!

Redesigned harness for the iPhone 13, new leash style and a modular attachment point. So fun!



From the smallest phones like an iPhone 6 to the Galaxy Note10+ on the larger end, the KOALA fits nearly every smartphone.

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"OMG never dropping my phone 32 pitches again. Psyched!"

-HANS FLORINE, World champion Climber

"This system knows how to cuddle your phone! It has been a lifesaver when I use my phone on location on the side of cliffs or in some other precarious place."

-KRYSTLE WRIGHT, Adventure Photographer

"This thing is awesome! The KOALA is a legit solution to protecting your smart phone."

-MICHAEL CLARK, Internationally Published Pro Photographer