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Wholesale - Application


Our goal in creating a Wholesale Program was to streamline the wholesale purchasing process for you, our wholesale partners, as well as for the HANGTIME team. Here is an overview of how the program works:

    1. Purchasing - Our program is set up for the ease and convenience of online purchasing. This allows our wholesale partners to purchase at-will instead of having to forecast their demand and inventory levels. All that is needed to place a wholesale order with HANGTIME is an approved wholesale account.
    2. Order Size and Terms - We have kept our minimum order size unusually low at 20 pieces, to minimize your risk and ours. With this approach, we do not offer traditional payment terms (net 30, etc). Instead, all orders must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
    3. Discounts & Terms - Our wholesale pricing is set at 50% of MAP (minimum advertised price). Additionally, we offer volume discounts. And at various order-size thresholds, we will provide countertop displays, stickers and a branded banner.
    4. Price Protection - Our wholesale program is designed to protect our MAP (minimum advertise price). As such, we do not list our products on Amazon.com, eBay, and several other reseller websites. To be approved for a HANGTIME wholesale account, all wholesale partners will need to agree to not sell HANGTIME products on those platforms as well.
    5. Inventory Returns - We are so confident you and your customers will love the KOALA that we will refund you in full for unsold inventory. You will be responsible for return shipping charges. We feel that this policy also helps to ensure our price protection.

We know our approach is a little different than most of the wholesale buying programs out there. As such we welcome your feedback and questions. You can reach us at wholesale@hangtimegear.com or by phone at (505) 226-2185

Thanks for your interest in HANGTIME! We look forward to working with you.