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How far we’ve come in a few short weeks!

Hello backers!

The campaign has been live for less than a month but it already feels like forever ago. Thanks to your help, we can already say: this is a mighty success for the future of phone protection!

Here’s a quick rundown of what we’ve achieved so far with your help:

- Added 7600+ new people to our community of KOALA enthusiasts
- Raised over 2000% of our goal ($218,000 as of today!)
- Featured in online media (The Gadgeteer and GearPatrol)
- Got ready for production. In fact, the first units are being produced during the campaign!

Can you help us hit $250,000 (¼ million!) and make our dream come true?

We’re hoping to get there by the time the campaign ends. We’re already 87% of the way there - can you help us raise the remaining 13%?

Share with the skiers & snowboarders in your life!

Help your friends protect their phones on the slopes & lifts this winter AND earn 10% cash back on every dollar your referrals spend.

Learn more HERE or click the link below to get started:


With gratitude,