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Personal Note from Haj, Founder of HANGTIME

Hello backers -

WOW - we just passed $360k! That is amazing and it’s all thanks to you, our 10k+ backers. You are awesome!

This is Haj, the founder of HANGTIME. I wanted to take a moment away from the excitement of the campaign to write a personal note to you. Crowdfunding is a revolutionary process that not only allows brilliant projects to make their way into the world, it also brings communities together around common interests. While I’ll likely never meet most of you, I feel like we are connected in bringing KOALA to the smartphone users everywhere. Thank you again for being a part of our journey!

On Oct. 18th, I decided to extend the campaign for an extra 25 days due to the high demand for the KOALA and folks wanting more time to purchase their KOALA(s) in time for the holidays. For those of you concerned with the shipping date, I wanted to let you know that the extension will not change our manufacturing and/or shipping timeline. We’ll be shipping in early December and we are still 100% on target to ship in time for the holidays!

So thanks again to all of you! Please spread the word about the KOALA campaign. We’ve come this far with your support and I’m excited to see how far we can get by November 11th!


Haj Khalsa - HANGTIME Founder

P.S. ProTip for all you fancy iPhone 11 folks out there: a little scooch on the top left corner and your KOALA still grips the same... without getting in the way of your cameras!

iPhone 11