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Thanks to you, KOALA had an amazing week. Ready for a bonus?

Hi there, backers!

How's your week going? Thanks to you, ours has been downright AMAZING. We've already hit 1000% (not a typo!) of our fundraising goal, and we’ve only been live for a week. Wow!

We believe our success should be your success. Not in an abstract way - in a way that's tangible, even spendable! How about cash?

Cash Back for Referrals

Nope, not a gimmick. This is real life and participating is super easy. Sign up for our new Kickbooster referral program - you’ll get a custom link to the campaign that you can send to friends, family, whoever. When they use your link to pre-order KOALA, you’ll get 10% cash back on whatever they spend. We’ll send it to you at the end of the campaign via Paypal to the email address you pre-ordered KOALA with.

Ready to share? Get started:

Check Out KOALA in the Wild

Come check out all of the wild ways our earliest testers (and our team!) are using their KOALAs to make magic.

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Thanks for everything! Time to bask in your success. We’ll be in touch soon.

With gratitude,