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KOALA Campaign Extended

Hello backers!

It’s truly been an HONOR to see you band together to help us make magic happen. Read further down this update for more information about the campaign extension. Please note that the extension of the campaign will NOT change or affect your delivery date - we’re still ready for on-time deliveries throughout November and December.

With your help, KOALA has raised more than $280,000!

We mentioned this recently and it’s just as true today: we never anticipated this campaign would be so successful. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

There were a few of you who expressed wanting a little more time to make your decision about how many to purchase leading up to the holiday season. Totally understandable, and we heard you loud and clear.


We’ve extended the KOALA campaign (and its pre-order discounts) for 25 more days!

NOTE: Your delivery date will stay the same.

With over 9,500 backers already and more to come during this extension period, KOALA will soon be found all over the world. Now it's time to make sure you’re rewarded for bringing even more folks into the community.

Extending our campaign is great news for everyone, but here's what it means for YOU:

  -  You’ll have more time to refer your friends and family through the referral program and earn 10% cash back on every referral made.
  -  New backers - including the friends and family you refer - will still be able to pre-order KOALA at great discounted prices.

In exchange for your amazing help to keep spreading the word about KOALA, we promise to continue working hard to keep the good news coming.

Spread the word to keep the momentum going:


With gratitude,